We would like to begin by expressing approval for the Boundary Commission’s proposal not to break up the London Borough of Haringey into several constituencies which overlap with different boroughs. We believe it is vital to the political integrity of Haringey that it remains as two constituencies, rather than wards being siphoned off into neighbouring constituencies.

However we object to the proposal to move Stroud Green ward from Hornsey & Wood Green constituency into Tottenham constituency for the following reasons:

Special geographical considerations, including the size, shape and accessibility of a constituency:

Stroud Green ward is currently split off from Tottenham by the railway line that runs through Harringay station. There are only two bridges bordering the ward which actually pass over this railway line: one on Endymion Road/Upper Tollington Park sits at the south-east tip of the ward; the other, just off Quernmore Road is a pedestrian bridge. Accessibility from Stroud Green ward to the rest of Tottenham is therefore very poor. To travel into the heart of Tottenham for community meetings or an MP’s surgery would take considerable time and more than one bus ride.

In contrast, the rest of Hornsey & Wood Green constituency is easily accessible from Stroud Green ward on foot, by car, and using bus routes W3, W7, W5 and 210. There are 9 streets linking Stroud Green to other wards in the Hornsey and Wood Green constituency.

We believe that the railway line should be taken into account as a ‘special geographical consideration’ that divides Stroud Green ward from the rest of Tottenham.

Local ties that would be broken by the proposal:

Stroud Green has historically been identified with Hornsey. It was situated in the parish of Hornsey, and later in Hornsey Borough Council. St Aidan’s school in the heart of the ward was originally called Stroud Green and Hornsey High School for Girls, a name it retained until 1948. Until 2002, the ward was divided up into two separate areas known as Hornsey Vale and South Hornsey.

Due to these historical links, we believe that Stroud Green ward belongs in Hornsey and Wood Green, a constituency it has been part of since its creation in 1982.

Boundaries of existing constituencies:

We believe that Hornsey and Wood Green constituency should be retained in its current form. Hornsey and Wood Green currently has 74,641 people on the electoral register, and therefore fits the Boundary Commission’s criteria for the required number of electors in a constituency.

Having spent some time canvassing local opinion on this subject, including at a well-attended public meeting, we believe that we are representing the views of our constituents in Stroud Green on this matter. We hope you will take them into consideration.

Cllr Tim Gallagher
Cllr Kirsten Hearn
Cllr Raj Sahota

Stroud Green ward councillors

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Local councillor or other elected official

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Tim Gallagher
188 Stapleton Hall Road
N4 4QL


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