This speaker made an oral representation on day one of the Romford public hearing, at approximately 12:16 pm. You can watch the proceedings at the below link, or read the attached transcript of the hearing.

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David Lammy
House Of Commons


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BCE-37810 I fully AGREE with David Lammy's comments.

- Tottenham is still healing from the riots and requires stability
- Tottenham has no natural connections with Edmonton or Hackney
- Splitting Tottenham as others are suggesting some are suggesting does...
2017-03-23 15:02 View
BCE-37901 I am a resident in Tottenham and am writing to plead with the boundary commission not to depart from their original plans to retain the Tottenham constituency. I feel strongly that the boundary commission are correct in their analysis and urge them not... 2017-03-23 18:19 View
BCE-37913 I do not want Tottenham to be spilt up. it has quite a particular identity even though it is made up of people from all over the world. it has areas which are quite poor, and a large Black population which needs representing as many people here are poor... 2017-03-23 18:58 View
BCE-37919 As a resident of Tottenham for the last 26 years I would like to register my strong support for the Commission's original proposals for Tottenham. Although Tottenham has more than it's fair share of problems it also has a strong sense of community and... 2017-03-23 19:07 View
BCE-37961 I agree with David Lammy's opposition to the counter-proposals. Tottenham is an area with a clear identity & should continue to exist as a constituency. 2017-03-23 20:49 View
BCE-38003 I believe that the Tottenham constituency should remain as existing and not be split up and merged with other constituencies. It has its own identity which it is important to retain. 2017-03-23 22:12 View
BCE-38369 I fully support your proposal to maintain the Tottenham constituency as it is, with the addition of Stroud Green ward. David Lammy MP has set out a compelling case as to why your proposals should stand and why counter-proposals by the Conservative and... 2017-03-24 18:28 View
BCE-38408 I support David Lammy. We should keep Tottenham together and add Stroud Green. We live in Harringay and our children go to school in Stroud Green and there is a natural overlap between the two areas. 2017-03-24 20:13 View
BCE-38689 I support the Boundary Commission's plans for Tottenham and Stroud Green. Other proposals put forward for Tottenham will create constituencies across council boundaries, making it harder for residents to access help, particularly as these other proposals... 2017-03-25 16:46 View
BCE-38700 As a resident I think it is important not to split Tottenham keep it together and maintain its historic and social history

I support the proposal to maintain the current boundaries with the addition of Stroud Green
2017-03-25 17:38 View
BCE-38725 I agree with Stroud Green being added to Tottenham constituency. This makes a good local grouping. 2017-03-25 18:23 View
BCE-38800 As a long-time resident of in the London Borough of Haringey, I would like to offer my support to David Lammy, my MP, for his arguments to retain the constituency of Tottenham and extend it to include the Stroud Green Ward. As a resident in the west... 2017-03-25 22:56 View
BCE-39236 I completely support David Lammy's reasoning for adding the ward of Stroud Green to the Tottenham consituency. His reasonings are sound, and as someone who lives in the Harringey area of Tottenham, it would greatly increase our sense of community and... 2017-03-26 20:10 View
BCE-39510 I fully support that Stroud Green should be joined to Tottenham to create that constituency. 2017-03-27 08:17 View
BCE-39523 I disagree almost completely with Mr Lammy's assertions. His references to ancient documents and traditions have long been overtaken by the facts of modern life. He makes a very poosr case for including Stroud Green in Tottenham.

Special geographical...
2017-03-27 08:39 View
BCE-39527 I agree with our MP that the Boundary Commission's proposal
not to split Tottenham is the right decision for our area.

The other proposals seem, in comparison, to be more disruptive and bring no obvious gain or improvement for the area, and potentially...
2017-03-27 08:45 View
BCE-39649 I strongly support the Boundary Commission's proposals to retain the Tottenham parliamentary constituency, with the addition of Stroud Green ward.

The proposals fulfil the demands of the Boundary Commission whilst also: 1) maintain the integrity of...
2017-03-27 11:08 View
BCE-39669 RE-Boundary Review 2016-Tottenham
On behalf of the Residents of Northumberland Park Ward, Tottenham, Haringey Borough, represented by our organisation Northumberland Park Residents Association, We would like to submit to your good office a collective...
2017-03-27 11:24 View
BCE-39752 Mr Lammy, commenting as sitting MP of Tottenham wishes to preserve his constituency which has too few voters to be unaffected by proposals for Boundary changes is also attempting to counter proposals made by his own party which is attempting to preserve... 2017-03-27 12:37 View
BCE-40483 David Lammy MP's views supporting the incorporation of Stroud Green Ward into his current constituency of Tottenham are NOT supported by the vast majority of Stroud Green residents.

Mr Lammy's views are determined by his (understandable but partisan)...
2017-03-27 20:08 View
BCE-40613 I spend a lot of time helping to run our local community centre in the Stroud Green ward. The name of the centre is the Hornsey Vale Community Centre. I think this is because it is in Hornsey. It lies within the boundaries of the Crouch End Neighbourhood... 2017-03-27 21:40 View

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