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I responded to the previous consultation (Comment BCE-26024) on how the proposed re-drawing of the North East Hampshire constituency completely stretches the idea of natural communities beyond the realms of credulity, and suggesting a solution pooling the natural communities of the 'Blackwater Valley' which straddle the Surrey/Hampshire border as an alternative solution. Not only was I ignored, your report stated an "absence of any such satisfactory overall counter proposal", which would deal with, for example, the town of Alton now being placed in the same constituency as the the town of Yateley (which are not in natural shared communities), and towns such as Fleet and Church Crookham being ripped in half between North East Hampshire and Aldershot. So you can not make the claim again, I have gone away and done the detailed work (attached) required to create constituencies based on the 'Blackwater Valley' built-up area - three seats (Blackwater Valley North, Blackwater Valley Central, and Blackwater Valley South) - the first centred around Yateley and Camberley; the first around Fleet and Farnborough; and the third around Aldershot and Farnham - as well as the work on the knock-on effect on neighbouring constituencies to make the fit the requirements of the review. Following the point I made in my previous comment (attached), the area broadly follows the same area which deals with health public policy (for example, in the case of the CCG, and the STP); it follows the course of the River Blackwater, and matches the realities of people's lives in terms of education, public transport, shopping, voluntary services, health services and employment. The only other seat which requires a degree of work is the seat of 'Surrey/Hampshire Borders' which sees what I have left of South West Surrey added to other natural communities in neighbouring East Hampshire. You will see in my proposal that the Alton wards go back into the East Hampshire constituency, which makes for a much more coherent proposal. I would be grateful for this proposal to at least have some consideration this time. The Blackwater Valley is a reality for most people's lives in this area - as is Church Crookham and Fleet being in the same constituency. Yateley and Alton do not belong in the same constituency. The proposed pairings I have made have much more logic, even if they straddle county boundaries - people's lives do!

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