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The Commission

The Chair of the Commission is the Speaker of the House of Commons, but by convention he or she does not participate in the conduct of the review.
The Deputy Chair therefore leads the Commission in the conduct of the review. Mr Justice (Andrew) Nicol is the current Deputy Chair, and he is supported by two other Commissioners: David Elvin QC and Neil Pringle.

You can read more about the Commissioners and their meetings here.

About the 2018 Review

The UK Parliament has decided to reduce the number of constituencies, and therefore MPs, from 650 to 600. In England, the number of constituencies will reduce from 533 to 501. Or you could learn about the 2018 Boundary Review by watching this video.

The Boundary Commission for England is the independent and impartial body that is considering where the boundaries of the new constituencies should be. We must report to Parliament in September 2018.

In doing so, we have to ensure that every new constituency has roughly the same number of electors: no fewer than 71,031 and no more than 78,507. While proposing a set of boundaries which are fairer and more equal, the Commission will also try to reflect geographic factors and local ties. The Commission will also look at the boundaries of existing constituencies and local government patterns in redrawing the map of parliamentary constituency boundaries across England.

In undertaking the 2018 Review, we rely heavily on evidence from the public about their local area. Though we have to work within the tight electorate thresholds outlined above, we seek to recommend constituency boundaries that reflect local areas as much as we can.You can find more detailed guidance in our Guide to the 2018 Review.